Top 7 Summer Gadgets

Summer, Sun and the Spree

Summertime in Berlin means eating a lot of ice cream, dancing on festivals, chilling on and above the roof tops and meeting up on the shore of the Spree.

As soon as the first sunbeams show themselves to heat up the apartments and streets, every single urban dweller gets out and into the green heart of Berlin to have an amazing time with family and friends. 

To make each sunny day count, we summed up the top 7 must have summer gadgets for you, so you are ready for every adventure that might come your way:


1. Infuser Bottle

Picture ©Aomerly Amazon

Higher temperatures make it even more important to stay hydrated. That’s why you should just put a handful of your favorite fruits into your infuser bottle, e.g. from Aomerly, fill it up with clear, fresh water and voilà, you have your own tasty beverage, rich of vitamins.

Where can you get yours?


2. On-the-Go grill

Picture ©RS Barcelona

You love to picnic in one of the many parks in Berlin? Then you need to bring along your On-the-Go grill Mon Oncle by RS Barcelona - a suitcase wrapped in vintage style that changes into a portable tabletop barbecue when opened. That’s great!

Where can you get yours?


3. Picnic Knapsack

Picture ©Jody Kocken

For a successful and tasty BBQ you first of all need great food. Good thing we got this next gadget for you: The easy to carry picnic sack „Urban Picnic Knapsack“ by Jody Kocken. It even has enough room to include a food storage and cloth to sit on!

Where can you get yours?


4. LayBag™ Rocca®

You know that feeling, when you finally found the perfect place to stay, but it is just not comfortable enough? Make sure to have a LayBag™ by your side. It’s easy to inflate and just so comfy! So get ready to LayBag™ and relax!

Where can you get yours?


5. Boombox

Picture ©Outdoor Tech

No outdoor fun without your own „Mix Tape“. Simply connect this wireless, shock proof and water resistant turtle shell boombox with your smartphone and play your favorite music all day (and night) long…

Where can you get yours?


6. Power Bank

Picture ©Coolstuff

… at least if your smartphone’s battery will stay with you all the time. Good thing we found an easy way to charge your phone again: Just use the power stone bank from coolstuff and your phone won’t leave you ever again.

Where can you get yours?


7. Sun blocker+

Picture ©Sun Bum

Because no one wants to regret a nice day in the sun (and because no one wants to look like a lobster), you should not forget to protect your skin. Sun Bum will help you find the right product for your skin type!

Where can you get yours?


Perfectly prepared we are ready for the summer to come. What do you think, which Gadget is the best? Which one is the absolute must have for your summer 2016?

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