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The places-to-be for music lovers

Get your backpack, your tent and here we go: Summer is already around the corner and with it comes the festival season. For you and your friends this means meeting up, having a lot of fun, relaxing and dancing while listening to your favorite music, a drink in hand. However there is just one question looming in the back of your head:

"Where to go this year?"

Whether you like big festivals in big cities or smaller ones in secluded areas, we got a round up for you to make sure you see the most interesting shows around the world:


Images ©Shoji, ITADAKi 2015

Itadaki, that’s a biodiesel-powered festival, taking place by the lush seaside surroundings on the Suruga Bay coast. With the best of Japan’s alternative music scene including performances in hip hop, indie rock, pop punk, jazz and more, this festival does not only convince with a great musical diversity but is also known for the intimate 'Candle Time' after-hours slots.

Where: Shizuoka, Japan
When: 04.06 - 05.06.2016
Website: http://www.itadaki-bbb.com


Image ©Francois Ollivier, Benicàssim Festival

Being among one of the best international festivals, Benicàssim, or simply FIB, is located close to the Spanish town Benicàssim which is surrounded by several beaches. With an interesting musical mix and a main focus on pop, rock and electronica, FIB also showcases other elements such as short films, fashion shows and art. Because of its location and the bands that play all day (and night) long, the festival is perfect to alternate between relaxation and dancing into the morning sun.

Name: Benicàssim
Where: Benicàssim, Spain
When: 14.07 - 17.07.2016


Splendour in the Grass

Image ©Splendour in the Grass

The weekend-long music festival Splendour in the Grass is a stunning mix between a one-of-a-kind lineup of internationals acts focusing rock, pop and EDM and a giant art gallery because during the festival, the beach of Byron Bay is used by local and international artist to create amazing outdoor art installations. It’s even possible for the visitors to attend art workshops held by Splendour - or you just stop by the pop up stores, bars or the onsite hair parlor to get your new festival hair cut.

Name: Splendour in the Grass
Where: Byron Bay, Australia
When: 22.07 - 24.07.2016
Website: https://splendourinthegrass.com


Burning Man

 Image ©Hawaii Savvy

„A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers“. The Burning Man is more than just a festival, it’s a community of people living freedom and creativity, a feast of costumes, art displays, installations and beautiful music that culminates in setting ablaze a colossal, more than 100 feet high human statue.
For a whole week, Burners live in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada which is transformed into the Black Rock City, an artistic village where visitors bring everything to survive, including food, water and shelter.


We have some great news for you! As recently announced, the Burning Man will now take place in Europe, too. This summer, festival enthusiasts around the globe are able to experience the Burning Man at first hand in Holland, more precisely Veluwe, a small town surrounded by forests, fields and lakes. For further information concerning the date and the tickets, please visit: Burning Man Netherlands - Facebook Group

Name: Burning Man
Where: Nevada, USA
When: 28.08 - 05.09.2016
Website: http://burningman.org

Lake of Stars 

Images ©Central African Wilderness Safaris and KB Mpofu/Lake of Stars

Lake of stars, a multimedia festival under the African sun that lies just next to the beautiful shores of Lake Malawi in Southeast Africa. Claiming to be a music and arts project, Lake of Stars highlights the works from the most talented musicians and artists around Malawi and the rest of the continent. Live music, film, theatre, exhibitions and speakers are showcased to enchant and entertain people from all around the world.

Name: Lake of Stars
Where: Mangochi, Malawi
When: 30.09 - 02.10.2016
Website: http://lakeofstars.org


So, check your calendar, get everything you need and enjoy your perfect festival season around the globe! What’s your favorite festival from the list? Where would you like to go?

..but remember to pack lightly. Grab your LayBag and relax!.. anywhere and anytime you want. 

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