Relaxing for a better workflow

How to nap and chill in your office 

As proven in several studies, we will work best when we had at least 7 hours sleep a night - but normally we won’t because, well… everyone knows!
That’s why we thought of a few ways for you to get through the day as well rested and happy as possible. 


A nap during the day will do the trick and improve your productivity. Every country has its own rules for nap-iquette. In Japan, people are famous for their ability to (minute) nap basically everywhere and every time whereas European Mediterranean countries celebrate the opposite: The siesta takes a few hours, mainly because during the summer months it gets too hot for people to work midday so they get a nap or two instead. 


If you are not the napping-type of person you may at least take a rest and relax some time to get your batteries recharged. And remember: „Sleep on it“, as they say, is still the best solution for every problem - and if you cannot sleep or nap, chill on it might be just as well! 

A great development in this regard is that big companies already understood the importance of a relaxation zone in the office and offer - next to creative fun areas - special rooms and area with the right equipment to take a rest.     

However for the ones of us that are not able to enjoy the luxury of an office such as Microsoft (they have a slide!), Philips, Nokia or Microsoft, there are still ways to get your own little chilling area right next to your desk.

4 Little Steps to Relaxation

There are merely 4 little steps you need for a relaxed, do-it-yourself office space:

1. A fresh source of yummy water, so you stay hydrated at all times - the dispenser from remodelista works greatly and looks amazing

2. Fresh air… a lot of fresh air because it helps to blow away the cobwebs. We love and recommend the Dyson air damper

3. Music! It is great to either get your concentration working or to calm you down for your nap… or your relaxation time. With the radio from Urban Outfitters you even get a little bit of vintage feeling into your office

4. A cozy place to rest for this few minutes of recreation between two work projects because a LayBag is way more comfortable than your office 

Images: 1 ©Remodelista, 2 ©Dyson, 3 ©Urban Outfitters, 4 ©LayBag

… and do not forget to get a plant or two. Nothing makes you feel more at home than a touch of green in-between the black and gray of printers and monitors.

So what is your favorite way of relaxation in the office? Do you got a special ritual or a way to make your workspace more comfortable?

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