LayBag™ Rocca® - Small Air-Chair for huge relaxation

Inflated and ready for use in a few seconds

Today is special day because we are about to present to you our new LayBag™ family member: the LayBag™ Rocca® - it’s not only really comfy but also totally practical!

BildThe urban inflatable outdoor chair is your new buddy when you are on tour - whether for sightseeing, during a little break at a festival or when you are told to wait two minutes for the train to arrive but it actually takes about twenty: You got your own seat ready in a matter of seconds, anywhere and anytime you want it to!


Why the Rocca® rocks:

As already known from the LayBag™ the Rocca® can be easily inflated within seconds: Simply pull it horizontally through the air in front of you and you are done!
 On top of this we integrated a few idea you’ll surely like:
  • Bild A handy transport bag - in which your Rocca® will be delivered.
    The good thing about this: You have enough room for your smartphone and co., so you won’t need an extra bag to carry with you

    • Bild Bottle holder - at least that’s what we call the little bag that comes with your Rocca®. You may use it easily by fasten it to one of the loops to stow your drink.. or whatever you want to have close to you!

      • Bild Apropos loops - Our Rocca® has more than one loop so you may use it individually. The best part: The provided transport bag transforms into a back cushion in a few seconds when being filled with air and can be secured to the Rocca® easily. Totally comfy!
      However this is not all to say about the Rocca®. The brother of the LayBag™ also convinces because of its high-quality processing and its super strong fabric - Ripstop nylon. Furthermore your new most loved inflatable chair comes in four awesome color combinations!


      Last but not least: The Rocca® on a glance

      Are you curious? Then I have great news for you because starting today, the Rocca® may exclusively and officially be bought. Get yours here: LayBag Rocca
      What do you think? Better a relaxed lie-down with the LayBag™ or comfy sitting, no matter where you are? Or do you prefer both? (yay!)
      Where would you use the Rocca®?

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