How to change the inlay

Hello LayBag™ friend! The following manual will show you how to easily change the inlay of your LayBag in order for you to LayBag™ and relax again quickly.

1. Unfold the black brim fully

2. Take out the old inlay

3. Compress the LayBag and go through it entirely with your hands to form an opening

4. Put the inlay through the opening you made with your hands

5. Make sure the inlay is not twisted

6. Grab the inlay and the LayBagTM at the turn of the LayBag™ and hold them up

7. Insert the ends

8. Fold the brim once

9. Tug the inlay under the folded brim

10. Fold the brim twice

11. Repeat with other side

12. Shake the LayBag™ so the inlay spreads in the LayBag™

13. Fill with air and relax!™

Still have questions? Or maybe you have discovered some other great way to set up the LayBag™? Send us an e-mail at! Using your feedback, we’ll do our best to continue to make improvements to our manuals, tips, and videos, so everyone can become a pro within no time at all and assemble the LayBag™ both quickly and efficiently! Whether on the lawn or at the beach, in the mountains or at the sea, in your office or living room – from now on, wherever you go, your motto will be “LayBag™ and relax!”