How to inflate your new LayBag™ quickly and easily

Hey LayBag™ fan! Just a few simple steps, and you can relax anytime, anywhere! Follow the instructions below and learn how to inflate your LayBag™ quickly and easily.

Hold the LayBag™ at the end with the opening and roll it out fully in front of you. The LayBag™ should lie flat without being twisted.
The LayBag™ has two chambers that need to be filled. Open one chamber as wide as possible while holding the other one closed.
Pull the LayBag™ horizontally in a rapid motion 2-3 times through the air in front of you, as if you want to catch something in it. After each motion, close the chamber immediately. Try to avoid twisting your body because contact with your body will push the air out of the LayBag™.
TIP: It’s easier if you fill the lower chamber first.
Now open the second chamber, making sure that you are holding the already filled chamber closed.
Repeat step 3 with the second chamber until the LayBag™ is completely full of air.
Once you’ve got enough air in your LayBag™, roll up the end as tightly as possible.
Now just close the lock with a click and…
8.’ve done it! Time to kick back! LayBag™ and relax.

Any questions? Just send us an email: We use your feedback to keep improving our instructions, tips and videos, so that everyone can become a LayBag™ pro in no time at all. Whether you’re on the lawn or at the beach, in the mountains or on the coast, in the office or at home, from now on, wherever you are, your motto will be: LayBag™ and relax!