How to use your new LayBag™ Light Kit

Hello LayBag™ friend. This short manual explains how to securely attach your new Light Kit to your LayBag™. With the strong mobile LED light, your LayBag™ becomes a stylish illuminated air-lounge.

1. Your Light Kit package contains a clip with attached string. Take the end of the string and - as shown below - thread it through one of the hooks 

2. Next, take the end of the string and form a loop… 

3. … then pull the clip through the loop to secure it to the LED light

4. If you straighten the string now, you see that the light shines downward.


5. Take the string and form a circle and pull it over the white end „cap“ of the LED light 

6. Repeat all steps with the second clip. The transparent part of the light must face in the direction of the clips

7. Take both clips and fasten the light to the LayBag™



8. In order to do so, attach the clips on to the seam overlap inside the LayBag™. This secures your Light Kit to your LayBag™ so that it stays attached even when moving or transporting.

Do not use in the water


Still have questions? Or maybe you have discovered some other great way to set up the LayBag™? Send us an e-mail at! Using your feedback, we’ll do our best to continue to make improvements to our manuals, tips, and videos, so everyone can become a pro within no time at all and assemble the LayBag™ both quickly and efficiently! Whether on the lawn or at the beach, in the mountains or at the sea, in your office or living room – from now on, wherever you go, your motto will be “LayBag™ and relax!”