Replacement-Inlay (extra strong)

Replacement-Inlay (extra strong)

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LayBag™ and relax!


Ultra lightweight. Easily inflatable. Durable. Extremely comfortable. Just awesome. Relax in the park, on the beach or at home - anywhere, anytime.

The inlay of the LayBag has now been redesigned so that you can fill it with air more easily while keeping it a lot more resistant against damages and holes! To enjoy the LayBag as long as possible, get yourself an extra inlay with our new, improved quality - so you are ready for anything!

Our LayBag is tough and rugged! We used only the best materials, so you can use it pretty much anywhere: on the beach, in the forest, in a meadow, in the city. The LayBag doesn’t care about which surface it's on, as it is made out of solid parachute fabric combined with an improved inlay technology.

  • German Technology
  • 1,2 kg ultra light
  • No pump needed
  • High-quality Ripstop Nylon
  • Eco-friendly
  • Super cozy
  • Easy to use on all surfaces

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"My LayBag arrived and within 2 mins I'm here lying in the sun. It's extremely comfy and I think I've found my place for the summer. Delivery time and quality of the product as promised. I ordered 4 with 2 as presents for my parents... and the kids are already fighting over mine!"

Carl F.


"Recieved mine this morning! Opened it and just lay down! Hahaha! What a great start of my day! Ready for outdoor adventures"

Marcee T.


"Wow, I finally found a solution wherewith even people with an extremely broken back may lie at the lake comfortably. And due to its lightness it can be transported easily without straining my back any further.THANK YOU!"

Elli D.


"It is very comfortable. Filling it has a bit of learning curve. They used the same material as parachutes so it‘s quite durable. I‘ll definitely be testing it on the beach this summer. The spot where it closes at the end has a loop so you can secure it to the ground if it‘s windy."

Andrew M.


"Everywhere and anytime I need relaxation!I love this amazing comfortable LayBag.

Poppy O.